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A Guide to Effectively Interact with Deaf-Blind Persons

A Guide to Effectively Interact with Deaf-Blind Persons

Have you ever experience interacting with deaf-blind persons yet you just don’t know how to convey your message to them? Or do you have elderly loved ones who have the same condition and you just can’t get through them? Challenging, right? However, for professionals at a deaf wellness center in Brooklyn, New York, they are trained in helping individuals with deaf-blindness to interact with other people while assisting them with their daily living activities. 

When you do some research, there are a lot of adult day services in New York that offer services that are all intended to help people with deaf-blindness conditions. Here are some simple yet effective ways to connect with them:

  • When you meet a deaf-blind person, the first thing you have to do is always let them know about your presence by tapping gently on the shoulder or arm. Your physical contact is essential, especially when the person can’t hear nor see anything.
  • Identify yourself. Say who you are by spelling out your name or doing the sign that represents you. However, if the person cannot see, you can get their hands and try to let them recognize you by doing some physical contact.
  • If you don’t know how to interact with deaf-blind persons, you can always seek help from professionals at social adult daycare in Brooklyn. Ask some guidance so you will be able to communicate with them effectively and successfully.

At Deaf Wellness and Recreation Center, we provide top-notch services that pave way for the betterment of the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and deaf-blind communities. Give us a call for your inquiries.

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