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About Our Founders

Marina Fanshteyn is the Open the Worlds, Inc. CEO, Co-Founder, Chairwoman & Executive Director of the Deaf Wellness & Recreation Center (DWRC).

She was born Deaf in Ukraine and immigrated to United States. She holds dual MBA Degree in Healthcare Administration and Accounting/Finance. 

She is a successful serial-entrepreneur in her healthcare, financial and business consulting business. She is also a business coach, motivational speaker, a compassionate inspiring teacher in  empowering hearing and Deaf women and men in discovery of inner special self!

She is a member of various community organizations and offers various training to American Sign Language interpreters, Deaf professionals and community in area of language, culture, leadership, business, finance and health.

She greatly enjoys life abundance, writing, reading, daily meditations, performing arts,  travel, connect with others who share same passion and love of life. Currently resides with her daughter in Coney Island, NYC.

David Livchiz is Deaf himself and the co-founder of the Deaf Wellness Center. David is also the DWC Advisory Board Member. He graduated with a MA degree in Engineering and Manufactory in Moscow State University, Russia.

He immigrated to United States from Russia over two decades ago. He has lots of experience in entrepreneurship and member of various Deaf organizations. He helped incorporating several small businesses and created jobs for the Deaf workers.

His dream was to establish the first of a kind Deaf Wellness Center in United States and abroad. David enjoys life, meeting new people, loves art and share his passion with others. He is father of two daughters and grandfather of four children. David currently resides in Brooklyn, NYC.





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