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Emotional Effects of Hearing and Vision Loss

Emotional Effects of Hearing and Vision Loss

We sometimes take our sense of sight and hearing for granted. We expect to wake up every day and be able to see our surroundings, to hear the birds chirping away outdoors. But imagine if, one day, your doctor tells you that you are losing these senses.

Some are able to quickly come to terms with it and even cope well, while others may not. Losing one’s ability to see and hear affects the person physically and emotionally. Deaf Wellness and Recreation Center is here to share some of the emotional effects brought by the loss of these two senses:

  • Depression – losing one’s ability to see and hear may give the person a bleaker outlook in life. They feel hopeless, angry, and distressed at losing their independence.
  • Anxiety – this is usually felt after the diagnosis. It’s more the fear and worries about no longer being able to live how you used to and what the future holds.
  • Loneliness – people who are losing their sense of sight and hearing may be less inclined to socialize. We rely on these senses too much in social situations that we can’t imagine having to do without them.

The best way you can help your loved one is to give them support and invest in a deaf wellness center in Brooklyn, New York. You no longer have to worry about taking care of your loved one alone. We’re here and ready to help.

Your loved one’s loneliness can also be addressed by our adult day services in New York. Here, your loved one has a chance to interact with other people who can understand what they are going through.

Give your loved one the care they deserve. Call our social adult daycare in Brooklyn now!

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